Echoes of Grace


While waiting for her sister, Mercy, and taking care of her two-year-old nephew, Alexander, Grace has a strange vision, an echo, as she calls her don—the gift of second sight she inherited from her deceased mother. On the porch, a fuzzy, black caterpillar dies, withers, and decomposes in her nephew’s hand. Horrified, Grace slaps the dreadful thing away. However, because she is helping her grandmother, Grace loses track of Alexander and he is run over by a car. Their new neighbor, a young man the girls haven’t met yet, rushes over to help, but they are too late. Alexander passes away at the emergency room.
This incident sets off a chain of events in which Grace flounders to restore her relationship with her sister, Mercy, while swimming against a current of strange, bewildering echoes. Flashbacks, premonitions, and visitations from the other side all weave a mysterious tapestry that weighs heavily on Grace’s shoulders as she tries to navigate memories of a time three years earlier when she ran away from home and lost a week of her life. In the present—amidst the mundanities of college homework and dating—Grace tries to figure out if the things happening in her world are memories or premonitions, warnings of things yet to unfold. As she recovers time lost, Grace comes closer to reconciling with Mercy, even as she remembers, bit by bit, the horrible thing that happened to her when she spent a week with her maternal grandmother in Mexico—a grandmother she had been told was long gone. The things her regained memory reveals shed light on old family secrets.

August 11, 2020 Jim McCall Books No Comments

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