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Dear Event Planners,

Thank you so much for considering an event with me. As an author, nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling for me than visiting and engaging in conversation with my readers. If you are interested in a school visit, speaking engagement, workshop, or keynote, please answer the following questions and submit them in the online form below.

1. The name, address, and contact person at your organization or school?

2. What kind of event are you interested in?
Author Visit (In person or Virtual)
Speaking Engagement /Author Appearance
Writing Workshop

3. What dates are you considering for this event?

4. Which of my books is your organization interested in purchasing/highlighting during the event?

5. What is your vision for this event? What would you like me to share, discuss, or teach during this event?

6. If you have multiple sessions during this event, what would each session look like? Some schools do multiple books, with different grade levels, and that is wonderful, so I need to know what you are dreaming about so that I can meet your needs.

7. How many people or students will be attending the event?

Once you have answered and submitted these questions, I will send you an email and we can discuss the logistics: dates, times, fees, accommodations, travel arrangements. After that, I will ask the publisher to send out the confirmation for the event and get you all set up.



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